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Helping People Find Support Through Data: Reflections from Four Projects on Sharing Personal Informatics Data Online
Daniel A. Epstein
CSCW 2018 Workshop (Social Issues in Personal Informatics)PDF
Everyday Personal Informatics
Daniel A. Epstein
Ph.D. Dissertation, Computer Science & Engineering, University of WashingtonPDFDOIBibTeX
Examining Self-Tracking by People with Migraine: Goals, Needs, and Opportunities in a Chronic Health Condition
Jessica Schroeder, Chia-Fang Chung, Daniel A. Epstein, Ravi Karkar, Adele Parsons, Natalia Murinova, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
Honorable Mention (Top 5%)
A Short Workshop on Next Steps Towards Long Term Self Tracking
Jochen Meyer, Daniel A. Epstein, Parisa Eslambolchilar, Judy Kay, Lie Ming Tang
CHI 2018 Extended Abstracts (Workshop Organizer)PDFDOIBibTeX
Defining Adherence: Making Sense of Physical Activity Tracker Data
Lie Ming Tang, Jochen Meyer, Daniel A. Epstein, Kevin Bragg, Lisa Engelen, Adrian Bauman, Judy Kay
PACM on Interactive Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT) 2, 1PDFDOIBibTeX


Friends Don’t Need Receipts: The Curious Case of Social Awareness Streams in the Mobile Payment App Venmo
Monica Caraway, Daniel A. Epstein, Sean A. Munson
PACM on Human-Computer Interaction 1, CSCWPDFDOIBibTeXblog post
New Frontiers of Quantified Self 3: Exploring Understudied Categories of Users
Amon Rapp, Federica Cena, Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld, Frank Hopfgartner, Till Plumbaum, Jakob Eg Larsen, Daniel A. Epstein, Rúben Gouveia
UbiComp 2017 Adjunct (Workshop Organizer)PDFDOIBibTeX
Examining Menstrual Tracking to Inform the Design of Personal Informatics Tools
Daniel A. Epstein, Nicole B. Lee, Jennifer H. Kang, Elena Agapie, Jessica Schroeder, Laura R. Pina, James Fogarty, Julie A. Kientz, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2017 PDFDOIBibTeXstudy materialsblog post (part 1)blog post (part 2)
Best Paper (Top 1%)
TummyTrials: A Feasibility Study of Using Self-Experimentation to Detect Individualized Food Triggers
Ravi Karkar, Jessica Schroeder, Daniel A. Epstein, Laura R. Pina, Jeffrey Scofield, James Fogarty, Julie A. Kientz, Sean A. Munson, Roger Vilardaga, Jasmine Zia
Honorable Mention (Top 5%)
Exploring Opportunities for Storytelling with Everyday Personal Data
Daniel A. Epstein, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2017 Workshop (Quantified Data and Social Relationships)PDF
Exploring New Design Directions for Menstrual Tracking Technology
Daniel A. Epstein, Nicole B. Lee, Jennifer H. Kang, Elena Agapie, Jessica Schroeder, Laura R. Pina, James Fogarty, Julie A. Kientz, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2017 Workshop (Hacking Women's Health)PDF
Semi-Automated Tracking: A Balanced Approach for Self-Monitoring Applications
Eun Kyoung Choe, Saeed Abdullah, Mashfiqui Rabbi, Edison Thomaz, Daniel A. Epstein, Matthew Kay, Felicia Cordeiro, Gregory D. Abowd, Tanzeem Choudhury, James Fogarty, Bongshin Lee, Mark Matthews, Julie A. Kientz
IEEE Pervasive Computing 16, 1PDFDOIBibTeX


Reconsidering the Device in the Drawer: Lapses As a Design Opportunity in Personal Informatics
Daniel A. Epstein, Jennifer H. Kang, Laura R. Pina, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
UbiComp 2016 PDFDOIBibTeX
New Frontiers of Quantified Self 2: Going Beyond Numbers
Amon Rapp, Federica Cena, Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld, Frank Hopfgartner, Till Plumbaum, Jakob Eg Larsen, Daniel A. Epstein, Rúben Gouveia
UbiComp 2016 Adjunct (Workshop Organizer)PDFDOIBibTeX
Taking 5: Work-Breaks, Productivity, and Opportunities for Personal Informatics for Knowledge Workers
Daniel A. Epstein, Daniel Avrahami, Jacob T. Biehl
CHI 2016 PDFDOIBibTeXstudy materials
Crumbs: Lightweight Daily Food Challenges to Promote Engagement and Mindfulness
Daniel A. Epstein, Felicia Cordeiro, James Fogarty, Gary Hsieh, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2016 PDFDOIBibTeXstudy materials
Beyond Abandonment to Next Steps: Understanding and Designing for Life After Personal Informatics Tool Use
Daniel A. Epstein, Monica Caraway, Chuck Johnston, An Ping, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2016 PDFDOIBibTeXsurvey materials


A Lived Informatics Model of Personal Informatics
Daniel A. Epstein, An Ping, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
UbiComp 2015 PDFDOIBibTeXhi-res model & survey materials
Personal Informatics in Everyday Life
Daniel A. Epstein
UbiComp/ISWC2015 Adjunct (UbiComp/ISWC Doctoral School)PDFDOIBibTeXposter
Barriers and Negative Nudges: Exploring Challenges in Food Journaling
Felicia Cordeiro, Daniel A. Epstein, Edison Thomaz, Elizabeth Bales, Arvind K. Jagannathan, Gregory D. Abowd, James Fogarty
Honorable Mention (Top 5%)
Wearables of 2025: Designing Personal Informatics for a Broader Audience
Daniel A. Epstein, Nicole B. Lee, Elizabeth Bales, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2015 Workshop (Beyond Personal Informatics: Designing Experiences with Data)PDFblog post
From "Nobody Cares" to "Way to Go!": A Design Framework for Social Sharing in Personal Informatics
Daniel A. Epstein, Bradley H. Jacobson, Elizabeth Bales, David W. McDonald, Sean A. Munson


Failures in Sharing Personal Data on Social Networking Sites
Daniel A. Epstein, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
UbiComp 2014 Adjunct (Workshop on Disasters in Personal Informatics: The Unpublished Stories of Failure and Lessons Learned)PDFDOIBibTeX
Taming Data Complexity in Lifelogs: Exploring Visual Cuts of Personal Informatics Data
Daniel A. Epstein, Felicia Cordeiro, Elizabeth Bales, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
Design Considerations for Socially Sharing Quantified Self Data
Daniel A. Epstein, Elizabeth Bales, Sean A. Munson
CHI 2014 Workshop (Beyond Quantified Self: Data for Wellbeing)PDF


Fine-Grained Sharing of Sensed Physical Activity: A Value Sensitive Approach
Daniel A. Epstein, Alan Borning, James Fogarty
UbiComp 2013 PDFDOIBibTeX
Improving Personal Informatics Through Social Sharing
Daniel A. Epstein
UbiComp 2013 Doctoral School (Junior Track)PDF
Examining Obstacles to Sharing Fine-Grained Personal Activity Data
Daniel A. Epstein, James Fogarty
CHI 2013 Workshop (Personal Informatics in the Wild: Hacking Habits for Health & Happiness)PDF


SIMD Performance and Yield Optimization with Multi-granularity Redundancy
Daniel A. Epstein, Kevin Skadron, Brett H. Meyer
DAC 2012 Work-in-Progress PDF
Multi-Granularity Redundancy in Multi-Core SIMT
Daniel A. Epstein, Kevin Skadron, Brett H. Meyer
DFM&Y 2012 (Workshop on Design for Manufacturability and Yield)PDF